Ark: Survival Evolved Players Stage Heist To Rescue Captured Dinosaur

Illustration for article titled iArk: Survival Evolved/i Players Stage Heist To Rescue Captured Dinosaur
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The mission is impossible, you say? Nothing is impossible with dinosaurs.

After Pognog and co’s precious Doedicurus Dunky was captured by a rival tribe, they decided that bloody vengeance—while appealing—was not the wisest course of action. Plus, Ark: Survival Evolved has grappling hooks. Any game with grappling hooks is begging for an elaborate heist scenario.

In the end, they were successful, due in no small part to the other tribe’s semi-lax guard situation. Still, you’ve gotta love the heist itself. It had a bit of everything: stealth, testing defenses, close calls, busting out of prison, a victory ride into the sunset, and of course, near-death by heatstroke.


I don’t know where Pognog and friends are now, but I imagine they’re celebrating like this:

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Doctor Nein

Grappling hooks, fuck yeah