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Lukewarm reviews aside, the people of Speak Up on Kotaku have embraced Capcom's endless fantasy adventure. Commenter Ursus-Veritas leads the pawn-sharing charge with his own virtual girlfriend, Aveline. Who's up for some swapping?


Arisen of Kotaku, show us your Pawn (that sounds hilarious to my childish mind when said out loud)! Snap a picture of your Pawn and tell us about them.


This is Aveline, my sword-and-board warrior - fresh back from adventures with 4 other arisen, bringing a buttload of Rift Crystals with her! She's currently level 19, likes long walks on the beach (although not near the water, everyone seems to be petrified of it!) and keeping nasty things as far away as possible from my Strider Arisen, Lukas.

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