Ariana Grande Is In A Final Fantasy Game

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Welcome to 2017.

The pop star will be a character in free-to-play mobile title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which was released on iOS and Android around six months ago.


Here’s some footage of the character:

And here is a very strange photo:

And here’s Grande cosplaying as...herself, I guess.


Note that this kind of cultural tie-in is not strictly a first for the franchise; British pop star Leona Lewis did a bunch of stuff for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, including singing the game’s theme song.

Though she did not appear in the game as a cute little cartoon character with giant bunny ears.


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Ariana is HUGE in Japan. I don’t know if it’s the way she sings, or that she looks so much like an anime character brought to life, but during my last trip to Tokyo, the HMV was blasting a commercial for her album NON-STOP. Her face was plastered all over Shibuya (near the 109 building) and people looked like tehy enjoyed seeing her. It was weird to see a foreign artist being fawned over like that.