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Laying on the floor and gaming is hard work! It's apparently so difficult that a Japanese company has made the above contraption for individuals who want to sprawl out and game, but don't want the hassle of holding something up. Holding sucks!

The cushion is called "Goron," which in Japanese refers to lying down. And that's exactly what you do: You lie down!

And below is me checking out Goron by lying in it. Actually, you kind of have to climb into Goron. It's almost as you are putting it on.

The cushion itself is comfortable—surprisingly so. What's neat about it isn't just that you can affix your tablet or smartphone to it. No, you fix your tablet to it, but the clamp you affix it to can move. So, this works pretty well if you are playing a motion controlled racing game.

You can also clamp in a monitor and then lie on your back and play home console games, too. It seems to work pretty well!


Turning Goron on its side wasn't exactly comfortable for me, personally. You can also use it sitting upright on the sofa. But what's the point of Goron if you are sitting up? This is for being flat on your back!

And as goofy as this looks (and damn, it looks pretty darn goofy), I can see it have more serious (and beneficial) applications—say, for individuals unable to get out of bed. For them, this would be terrific. It's not bad for those healthy folks who can't bother to sit up straight, either!


Priced at 19,800 yen (US$195) Goron is available in Japan in three colors: green, orange, and red.