Are You A Video Game Hoarder?

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Today in Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Floppy McWiggle wonders if keeping large amounts of video games around the house is hoarding or just love.


I spent the weekend building a custom entertainment center for my TV and consoles. I swear it took all weekend, but it was very worth it.

This brings me to my reason for commenting.

I have a shelf above the TV dedicated just for my game collection.(complete with Lord of the Rings bookends to seal the deal).


I start getting out all the games I have deemed worthy of my collection, and my wife tells me now she is totally disgusted to see how much money is sitting on top of the shelf. I had 45 Xbox 360 games, 7 Wii titles, 5 GameCube titles, and 15 PS3 games.

I realize there is no sense in having this many games in my library.

Some of them I don't play anymore, but keep them for my collection, like all the Assassin's Creed games.
I know I should have left them securely hidden in a drawer somewhere, but now that I actually see how many there are, I wonder if I am going overboard on holding onto these. Is it unreasonable to want to collect them?

Am I a hoarder now?

Does anyone else feel the need to hold onto their physical media?

I don't have this issue with music, however. All my music is digitally stored, so there's no telling how many thousands of songs I have (I'm guessing around 30,000) .


In retrospect I feel that 60-70 games isn't too many, however I have been told its excessive.

Does anyone else feel the same way about games only?

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This is a horrible thing to admit, but I'd probably be a game hoarder if I had the money to be one.