Several readers pointed us towards a series of YouTube videos that seem to feature Sonic the Hedgehog 4's Splash Hill and Lost Labyrinth Zones. Are they legit?

The videos depict Sonic 4's Splash Hill zone, which we've seen bits and pieces of before, as well as a Lost Labyrinth level, which we've not seen before. It bears pointing out the Lost Labyrinth Zone 2 features Sonic in a mining cart, because sometimes running really fast just isn't enough. It's a neat mechanic at least, requiring the player to tilt the playfield to make the cart roll.

They certainly seem legitimate to me, but then again, April 1 is right around the corner, and you never know what to expect. We've contacted Sega to verify the videos, and will update once we hear back.


These videos were originally found on YouTube, and archived by us, just in case.

Splash Hill Zone 1

Splash Hill Zone 2

Splash Hill Zone 3

Lost Labyrinth Zone 1

Lost Labyrinth Zone 2

Lost Labyrinth Zone 3

Lost Labyrinth Boss

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