Today, fast food chain Lotteria launched its new bucket of Attack on Titan french fries. It's literally just a massive bucket of fries—but served up in an AoT container. I guess you could say it's a titan-sized bucket? Or maybe you were hoping for something larger?

Website Gigazine ordered the fries, which clock in at around 1,140 calories. Below, you can see how the fries compare to a regular order of medium-sized fries.



Lotteria connoisseurs will know that last fall "bucket fries" went on sale at Lotteria—this is that but covered in the popular anime.

The Attack on Titan fries will be available for a limited time only. Surely, this calls for a potato party, no?


食べても食べても終わらないポテト「超大型!サシャの芋娘セット」に挑戦してみました [Gigazine]

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