Arcane Legends Gets Its First Taste of Player Versus Player Combat

Illustration for article titled emArcane Legends/em Gets Its First Taste of Player Versus Player Combat

The latest browser/mobile MMO from Spacetime Studios gets a bit more competitive today with the release of the first small taste of player-on-player violence. Who's ready for a little Capture the Flag?


Players from all platforms can queue up for four-on-four Capture the Flag battles, the most popular multiplayer mode in the Legends series.

You can play Arcane Legends for free on iOS, Android or just play it right in your web browser. Ain't cross-platform gaming convenient?

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Haven't heard of this title, so I went ahead and played a little of it. It seems that any game with more than 4-5 players moving about on the screen at the same time qualifies as an "MMO" these days.

Trying to get through the "tutorial" beginning was a jarring experience that felt like it was rushing me through the claustrophobic feeling UI. I'll be moving along and then the camera decides to have a seizure to focus on something else going on; or the wizard that is talking to me on screen will quickly say something in a chat bubble after I just closed a quest window, while at the same time running very fast off screen, much so that I'm unable to read the bubble text before he disappears behind the portrait window in the top left corner before disappearing.

Not to mention the potion vendor's poor location early on near the Jarl boss fight. He is where you can accidentally trigger his vendor window while you are trying to fight, because the action/attack button toggles for vendors based on proximity and not on the direction your character is facing in combination with proximity.

The list could go on, and that is just with me playing for the first 10 minutes, all the while being hammered with window popups telling me how great elixirs and all of the other premium stuff are. -_-

It's like a pale free-to-play rip of Torchlight 1 except with worse graphics and UI, but with co-op spliced in.

Still, it makes good research material on what NOT to do.