Arcade Memories In Paper!

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What's your arcade memory? It's not Friday, but TELL US DAMMIT! Because, hey, we're dying to know. Reader Alexander sends along his memory and entry for the Arcade Mania diorama contest:

I decided to go and recreate one of my most memorable experiences at the arcade as that's probably as "arcade themed" as I can get.

I'm a big fan of paper toys, so I decided to make some for the diorama contest... I tried to make it as ugly as possible 'cause, if memory serves me right, losing also meant getting beaten with an Ugly Stick. Remember what Blanka looked like when he lost? It's like someone slapped him really hard in the back of the head and his eyes fell out... over and over again.


Nice work, Alexander! Below is Paul's diorama. It's not based on his arcade memories, but that's okay. Paul had a party to go to.

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Writes Paul:

Its a Parodius based diorama, although as you can see its not that accurate, there were no gundams in the real Parodius and the penguin isn't quite right but it gives a feel of Parodius I think. For some reason it seemed like a great idea before I made it but its really disappointing now its done, I think it needed more wackiness and bullets, walking bombs etc but i don't have time as I'm off to a party soon. Hopefully it will give someone a laugh.

We'll admit it: We chuckled. A bunch. What's going on? For this contest, you can use anything you like to create your diorama: paper, toys, whatever. All we ask is that you made an arcade-themed diorama and include a Kotaku and Arcade Mania sign so that we know you made it and not your dog or something.

Take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. There will be three winners, and all will win a copy (it's in English!) of Arcade Mania straight from Japan. Everyone else will get INTERNET FAME just like Alexander and Paul. Remember, the contest deadline is this Friday.


Arcade Mania is now available.

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Wasn't an arcade technically, and I was maybe 10 or 11 (which means 1972-73), but at a local pizza joint they had a pinball machine (one of the old wood rail type, maybe mid 60s machine) I played for a couple of hours on a single quarter. Had racked up about 22 free games out of that thing, and was still playing them when the proprietor of the joint got a call from my mom telling me supper was ready (this was maybe 10 minutes walk from my house), so I told the small crowd of kids watching me play to divide the games up among themselves and went home.

(what? if you want actual arcade, I didn't even SEE my first full arcade until I was 18 (1980) ^_^)