Arcade Impressionism

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Not to set the ghost of Claude Monet after me, but I've always thought of Impressionism painting as lazy. It's like you want me to do all the work trying to figure out that this is Donkey Kong.


But I have to admit that there's a moment of "Ah-ha!" when you finally figure out an Impressionist painting and I definitely felt it when I spotted the pink smudge that is Pauline. It was kind of like seeing the sailboat in the Sunday paper's Lazy Eye drawings.

Artist Brock Davis has a few other works of Arcade Impressionism up on his Flickr page, so be sure to check 'em out. He says there's more to come — dare I hope for a Zelda?


Thanks for the tip, deanbmmv!

ETA: The tipster has informed me that it's actually not Impressionism, it's Abstract — thus proving that I just don't get art sometimes. Anyway, the lazy statement still stands as does my assertion that Davis' work is awesome.

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I love art and want the field to flourish, but the two possibilities here are:

1) This is above what I currently understand and appreciate.

2) This is over hyped nonsense a kindergartener could do.

It's probably #1, but that's where I am right now.