Just like the iPhone and iPod Touch, which are becoming increasingly games-focused as they mature, so too is Apple's next "big thing" - rumoured to be a tablet computer - getting into games in a big way.

According to Barron's, who cite an analyst that's claiming to have already touched the device, the Apple Tablet will be a system designed with two things in mind: media playback and games.

It'll feature a 10-inch touchscreen, cost around $800 and be built to play music, videos and games on that big, touchy screen. Just like an iPod Touch, only...bigger. "So what?" I hear you gasp. "Most iPhone games are rubbish, and this just sounds like a bigger iPhone."

In one way, you'd be right. But in another...look below and tell me that's not something you might be interested in.


Apple's Got That Glow Again [Barron's, subscription required]