Apple Rejected This Game To Keep You From Killing Your iPhone

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Rejected by Apple for “encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device”, Carrot Pop's Send Me To Heaven arrives on Google Play, because no one cares if your Android device shatters on the pavement.


"Throw your phone as high as you can" reads the primary instruction on S.M.T.H., a free game that measures the altitude of your device as it soars (hopefully) gracefully through the air. Catching it isn't a requirement, of course, but if you want your phone to remain intact long enough to compare your height on the leaderboards, it's highly recommended.

It's up to the player to balance their competitive nature with the safety of their expensive gadgets, at least that's the idea. The concept has me brainstorming soft, portable landing materials to increase my chances of coming out unscathed during attempts at surpassing the 5.69 meter high score. I might just purchase phone insurance and an air cannon.



No one probably cares about an Android device hitting the pavement because they can take the hit. Unlike the iPhone, which seems to have been made of porcelain.