Apple Quietly Fixes iPad's Broken App Store Revealing 1,422 Games

Illustration for article titled Apple Quietly Fixes iPad's Broken App Store Revealing 1,422 Games

Last month I pointed out how Apple managed to break a broken system with the launch of the iPad and its platform specific App Store.


On the iPad, I pointed out, you weren't able to browse through the enormous collection of applications on your own, instead you were limited to checking a categories Apps out that Apple had labeled as "New and Noteworthy" or "What's Hot". Flipping through these two sections gave you access to less than 5 percent of, for instance, the Gaming category. To find the rest of the applications available you had to rely on the search feature.

It was a tremendous disservice, not only for iPad owners, but iPad App developers whose applications could easily get lost or never see the light of day in the store.

Last night I hopped into the store to check for anything new and interesting in the way of games and noticed a new browsing feature for categories.

Now, located at the top of each category page, there are two options: Featured and Release Date. Features brings me to that overly controlled look at the category's apps I've grown to hate. But when I touched on Release Date I was dropped into a full list of every App for that category.

Currently, I discovered, there are 1,422 games on the iPad the latest of which was released early this morning.



I will never be trendy enough to get one of these. It sucks.