Apple: iPod Touch Is the Most Popular Portable Game Player in the World

The Apple iPod Touch is a more popular game player than the 3DS, the DS, the PSP, then anything in the world, Apple seemed to be saying today during their press conference.

"Not only is it the most popular music player in the world, but we're excited to announce it's now also the most popular portable game player in the world," Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, told the gathered press.

Schiller failed to follow that mighty big boast with numbers, but we're following up with Apple to see if they can put their numbers where their mouth is.

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It's a shame Apple can advertise it as the most popular "game player". I got mine 2 years ago and have barely touched games on it (no pun intended). Every time I try a new one I'm bored within minutes.

My experiences with games on Nintendo's and Sony's handhelds are too great compared to any of the minimal experiences I have had on my touch that I can't bear to refer to my ipod touch as a game player.

In general I'd say my ipod touch's uses break down like so:

50% - music

30% - internet browser

10% - youtube

5% - weather

4% - misc. (mail, calculator, calender, photos etc.)

>1% - gaming

Now that's not to say no one can like the games on ipod touch because I don't, I'm just saying that I can't see many heavy gamers (I mean passionate gamers, not overweight gamers) really enjoying the ipod touch as a game player. I'm sure most get it for the many other uses it has, so that's why I don't feel comfortable with Apple being able to advertise it as the most popular game player.