Apple Invites Us To Jan 27 Special Event, Think iSlate?

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Invitation sent to Kotaku today: "Please join Apple on January 27 for a Special Event." Assumption made by Kotaku today: iSlate reveal? Now, why would Kotaku be sent that?


"Come see our latest creation," the colorful invitation states.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple's long-rumored tablet computer, the iSlate (perhaps?) would be shown to the press and the world on January 27. Today's invitation from Apple, e-mailed to Kotaku and numerous other outlets, suggests Apple does indeed have something big to announce that day at a morning event in San Francisco.


So... Kotaku, we do write about Apple, but mostly in the context of video games. So if we're going to leap to iSlate conclusions, let us also leap to gaming conclusions. iSlate Tower Defense anyone? iSlate R.U.S.E. (aka the real-time strategy game already planned for multi-touch screens) perhaps?

Or maybe Apple's just announcing another phone. Or an iStapler.

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While the iStapler would be amazing and a game changer to how the world perceives electronics chances are it is still being kept in the secret vault along with the apple of eden, which is the company's logo.

My guess is they will be pushing gaming apps on the iSlate. There is no doubt that the iPhone/iPod Touch have some really fun games, but the screen size can hurt some of them. Increase the screen size and we might just see a device that is full of awesome.

Then again the price tag will be it's downfall, unless the Apple loyalists purchase this like it were the next furbie or tickle me elmo.