Apple Gaming Console Makes Sense, Says Gameloft CEO

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It would make sense for Apple to expand their reach into gaming in light of the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch, Gameloft CEO Michell Guillemot told Kotaku today.


Late last month Yves Guillemot, Michel Guillemot's brother and the CEO of Ubisoft, said that he didn't think Apple's gaming success would stop with the iPhone. But Michel Guillemot says that he doesn't know anything specific about the notion from Apple.

"Everything with Apple is more about rumors than information," he said. " But I would say that there is a kind of logic there."

The success of the games on the iPhone and iPod touch have made everyone pause a bit, Guillemot said

"It would certainly make a lot sense," he said. "The question is where would you position a game devices? You have very, very successful console makers who are extremely effective at what they do. I don't think anyone would displace the three anytime soon."

But, Guiillemot says, as gaming becomes as prevalent as the Internet the notion of platform specific games should eventually go away.


"I would say gaming will be ubiquitous in two or three years time," he said. "We will have many, many platforms enabling gaming, just like we now have many, many platforms enabling Internet."

Guillemot points to how many devices people now use to watch videos as a good example of that.


"Today you watch videos on everything," he said. "You don't care much what it's being watched on. When you are mobile you use mobile. At home you can watch on your PS3 or TV, you can watch on your PC or Mac. Now video is everywhere. I would say gaming will be everyone with a good level of quality in two years time."

And that fits in well with Gameloft's mission, which is to supply games that are "compatible with this very open world where consumers have control over which device they play on and how they play it."


"That is really what Gameloft is trying to do," he said. "That's why we have games playing on every device that is Internet connected, all mobile, all smartphones, all consoles, all portables."

Gameloft's current game catalog includes 250 mobile games, 30 iPhone games, seven WiiWare games, three, DSiWare games, one game each for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live arcade, nine DS titles, and one each for the Wii and Playstation 3.


"We let the consumers decide how they want to play our games," Guillemot said.



heres what i see happening, apple introduces an app store for apple tv.. which actually sells alot better than id think for what it is. big name devs/publishers make games for apple tv.. but also.. apple makes a couple games (to test the waters).

if the apple tv apps are a hit, they introduce a redesign of the device optimized for gaming. better graphics, and a new apple remote that doubles as a game controller. the machine is now at least as powerful as the xbox 360/ps3.. so new, big games coming to those consoles can also be on the app store.

there are two models, one for 599 and the other for 699.