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Apex Legends Players Are Trying An In-Game Recipe For Pork Chops In Their Own Kitchens

Illustration for article titled iApex Legends/i Players Are Trying An In-Game Recipe For Pork Chops In Their Own Kitchens
Illustration: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have uncovered a new secret in the game’s lore: a family recipe for Mirage’s pork chops.


One of the battle pass rewards for the third season of Apex Legends, which began yesterday, are new loading screens. Players have noticed that one of Mirage’s loading screens, which you can earn with the free battle pass, has some flavor text on it that contains a recipe.

Illustration for article titled iApex Legends/i Players Are Trying An In-Game Recipe For Pork Chops In Their Own Kitchens
Screenshot: Apex Legends (Respawn)

The pork chop recipe involves making a glaze of dijon mustard, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, and cloves, along with salt, pepper, and cayenne for the chops. Honestly, it sounds pretty nasty to me. I don’t eat meat anymore, but based on 28 years of prior experience, I’m concerned about how sweet the sauce seems. To wit, a player who claims to have made this recipe described it as tasting like “meat candy.”

The mods of the Apex Legends subreddit have posted an updated version of the recipe which they say comes straight from Manny Hagopian, a writer for Apex Legends at developer Respawn. Although it adds optional pineapple juice (?) and makes the recipe even sweeter by suggesting you sprinkle the chops with brown sugar, Apex players seem generally more satisfied with this version, and have been making it and posting their results.

I love Mirage with all of my heart, but I suspect that despite how lovely some of these pork chops look, they taste like ass. One player said that they were the best pork chops they’ve ever tasted, though they also say they put in way less cinnamon and cloves than the recipe called for, as did another player. Probably a good call, as cloves can be extremely overpowering.


I actually have most of the ingredients for the glaze, so I might make it and try it on some hearty roast vegetables and tempeh. Sometimes I still think about my own family’s heirloom recipe for pork chops, from my dad’s side. Here’s how he does it: create a mixture of salt, pepper and a little flour, lightly coat your pork chop in that, sear ‘em, then stick them in the oven at 375 degrees fahrenheit for around ten minutes. It’s all you need.

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The biggest red flag for me isn’t the cloves or cinnamon (though I’d definitely reduce the latter), it’s that the glaze is overwhelmingly honey. I’d reduce and opt for another vehicle for the flavours (what, I don’t know, maybe a little apple cider vinegar and water replacing half the honey?).

Anyway, Americans should also know that culinary and food safety guidelines have reduced the required cook time for health concern:

People out there still cooking pork (and beef, for that matter) like they want it to resemble boiled shoe leather. If that's your preference, more power to you, but I'm still going to judge you.