Aperture Science is Decorating This Man's Home

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Reader Sean is moving into "an industrial-style condo" in the coming weeks, and felt like tailoring his home decor to match. So he's built himself a Portal 2-themed end table Cave Johnson himself would be happy to hurl lemons at.


Built from plywood with a masonite trim, the box is both a table and a storage solution, as the lid pops open. It's 2-feet by 2-feet, and if we must say it's pretty damn great.

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Cave Johnson here, do not be alarmed by this Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube in your living room. It's only part of the test. What test you ask? Well, guess someone should have read the fine print in that lease you just signed. Anyway, on to science! This Weighted Storage Cube stores a piece of radioactive uranium. We are testing if the Weighted Storage Cube is appropiate for storing radioactive material. We doubt it, but we're gonna test it anyway dammit.