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Apes go wild, again, in Furi Furi! Sarugechu—or Ape Escape Shake! Shake!, if you prefer—the first game in the monkey-snatching series to utilize Sony's new PlayStation Move controller. The goal? Grab monkeys! With the Move!


The Move-enabled version of Ape Escape puts things in first-person perspective, the motion controller acting as a floating net—to grab monkeys, naturally—or a slingshot or a folding fan. Cycle through your available gadgets with the Move button. Fire your slingshot by pulling the trigger button and wave the fan to remove debris by... waving the Move controller.

Ape Escape Shake! Shake! is an on-rails, largely guided experience. You'll move through brightly colored rooms filled with monkeys both agitated and preoccupied; they'll run at you, you swing at them with your net. It feels like being a goalkeeper, deflecting apes instead of soccer balls.


Players can use the slingshot to annoy monkeys, destroy objects and shoot banana power ups. By pressing the X or O button, players can shift the camera left or right to spot monkeys and power-ups that exist just out of sight.

While the monkey snatching action in Ape Escape for the PlayStation Move isn't particularly challenging or wildly inventive, Furi! Furi! is a lot of fun. It's a Move game with promise, one that puts the controller's precision to good use, so we'll be keeping an eye on Furi! Furi! Ape Escape.

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