APB, the crime-themed MMO from Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds, is launching on PC in Europe and the US early July. But it will not be launching in Australia in early July. Why?

Electronic Arts signed up APB as part of its EA Partners program. This means Realtime Worlds is essentially the developer and publisher of the game, while EA is handling boxed product distribution to retail around the world.

EA told Kotaku that they will not be releasing APB in Australia.

The reason is local servers. Or rather, the lack of them.

APB isn't your standard MMO. It plays more like a shooter. To make the game playable, players need a ping to the nearest server that is lower than needed by other MMOs. And that means a server based in Australia is essential.


But Realtime Worlds has no plans to host a server for APB in Australia. We don't know why, but we can only assume they believe it isn't worth the investment. As such, EA can't release the game in this country.

Australian gamers willing to risk it could still import a copy from overseas, setup a US account with a US credit card, and try joining a US server. But you probably won't have a very enjoyable time of it.


I'm curious to know if any of you were able to access the APB beta that ran from late last year. If you were, what was your experience like? How playable was the game in beta form?

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.