APB Voice Chat will Have Ads

Some APB fans have checked their account management pages and noted a paid subscription option that will remove ads delivered to the MMO's in-game voice chat, which of course, means the game will serve ads over voice chat.


An APB community manager rushed to dispel fears that chat advertisements would interrupt or obstruct the game at crucial points. To be served an ad, a player must be crossing into another district and must not have heard an ad for the past three hours. The control seems to assure you won't be spammed with ads.

If you don't want the ads at all, you can buy something called "VOIP Premium," which strips ads from the chat for 30, 90 or 180 days depending on how much you pay.

The game launches Tuesday. Above is a video of its standard gameplay and mission structure.

APB's Voice Chat Feature will Contain Advertisements [Massively]



These kind of 'features' are really just showing off that there's something inherently wrong with the MMO model.

Forget WoW for a second. The costs of development of MMO's is nightmarish. And it never stops costing. MMO players expect—if they have to pay a fee, they better get regular content updates (as they should), and it may surprise some gamers who just think that after selling titles = profit! that the overhead is so bad that continued subscription fees don't end up being all that much profit unless we're talking about large (WoW-ish) numbers.

So these smaller developers are just trying to find as many ways to cash-grab as they possibly can. Unfortunately for them, WoW hasn't *expanded* the market quite like they think, as it's only the core gamers who notice the MMO. The larger fanbase for WoW does not—and will not, look at other MMOs (at least, not in the numbers they hope). And if I'm paying a monthly fee, you can be damn sure I don't want to put up with ads in my freaking voice chat, infrequent as they are.

And what is it all paying for? Well, by all accounts, a mediocre, flawed game that will probably end up getting piled on the dead-MMO pile.

To my memory, of the new MMOs released in the past like 4 years (Tabula Rasa, Star Trek Online, Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online, and probably a few others I'm missing) all of like one has managed to hold onto a sustainable population. Others have gone into full blown 'maintenance mode' or, in the case of Tabula Rasa, just died.