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In their latest monthly newsletter, Real Time Worlds walks us through some of the design decisions they've been making for their lawless, shooting massively multiplayer online game APB. While the game will feature a wide selection of unlockable inventory items, from the fatal to the accessorizing, it won't include bullet time, despite a couple of players requesting the feature.

Due to the action based PvP combat and multiplayer game mechanics required, we do not envision a system involving bullet time in APB.


They're also nixing, at least initially, the idea of mini games and leisure activities.

The idea of mini-games or leisure activities is something we have considered, however at this stage of development we are focusing on the core action aspects of APB first and foremost. This may be something we look into post-release as part of a more generalised social expansion.


The game itself is now undergoing weekly large group play tests and smaller more frequent design tests, according to the developers. So when's that beta coming?

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