APB: All Points Bulletin Will Let Players Arrest Each Other

Gamers who take on the roll of Enforcers in Real Time World's upcoming cops versus bangers MMO APB will be able to arrest their foes, the developers said today. "Enforcers have an arrest system available to them which serves to take out a criminal player until they are freed or the arrest timer expires and they must respawn as if killed. This can reduce the criminal force for longer periods of time than killing them would unless freed by their criminal group-mates."The developer is also working on ways of implementing stealth into missions. Real Time Worlds also said that they've decided not to include playable classes in their game, instead a player's class will be defined by their play style. The information comes as part of the developers monthly newsletter. In it Real Time Worlds say that they are moving into the final phase of internal alpha testing with regular play tests of more than 100 employees. APB: All Points Bulletin


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