What I really wanted to write up there was "AOL Unleashes Video Taboo for the iPhone, Countdown to Penis", but I suppose when an app is released that allows people to randomly send video of themselves to other players the penis is implied. Let's check out Clucks!

Taboo is the party game that challenges players to get their partner to guess a word without a) saying the word or b) using any of the commonly used descriptors listed on a randomly selected game card. Clucks is pretty much exactly Taboo , only instead of being in a room with someone you're cut into tiny pieces and beamed magically across the sky into their phone.


How it works: The game gives me, player one, a word, along with a string of words I cannot mention in my description. For instance, I get the word 'Shower', and I cannot say 'clean', 'bath', 'wash' or 'washing'. I record my giving the clues, which are then sent to Tina Amini, who attempts to guess the word.

Note: It is very likely that you will not be playing with Tina Amini.

Here's what that looks like.

Advanced voice recognition monitors your video before you send it, so if you say the word you will lose valuable in-game coins. I'm not seeing anything that would prevent a player from, say, writing the word down on a piece of paper, so cheating seems possible.

I also don't see any mention of advanced penis detection heuristics, so yeah, that's definitely going to happen.


Clucks is available now on iTunes. It's free, but I'm sure you'll wind up paying for it later.

Clucks [iTunes]

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