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Anyone Want To Guess What Ignition's New Game Is?

Illustration for article titled Anyone Want To Guess What Ignitions New Game Is?

Ignition is teasing a game announcement on both Twitter and its Facebook page. Don't you just love modern advertising? Time was, you'd have to wait until tomorrow for a press release. Oh wait...


You're waiting 'til tomorrow anyway. That's why it's a tease, not a game announcement.

I'll dutifully keep my eyes on the Twitter feed and Facebook page, anyway. After Muramasa: The Demon Blade, I'm actually sort of excited for whatever these guys have up their sleeve.


And with any luck, I'll get an official press release with a few extra tidbits come tomorrow to share with all of you.

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An announcement of an announcement...







To be fair, I did enjoy Muramasa and am genuinely interested on what they would come up next. But this practice really cheapens it. #ignitionentertainment