Cancelled Justice League Game Pops Up Again, Looks Bizarro

Let's be real: the Green Lantern project that was also supposed to be a Justice League game didn't look like it was going to set the world on fire. But it's an interesting footnote in the history of superhero games, one that would've featured some of the most popular fictional characters ever created. The newest video culled from the unreleased game offers up glimpses of the single-player experience. Me not think you shouldn't take a look.

Just like the previous look at the unfinished Green Lantern/Justice League game, the latest look comes from the PTPOnline YouTube channel. You can see more of the roster of characters that would have been playable, including villains like Eclipso, Sinestro and Mongul. While the solo portions of the game look like middle-of-the-road, arena-brawler fare, it is interesting to see how dev studio Double Helix was mixing and mashing the comics lore—OMACs and an Eclipsed Batman, for example—to give players people to fight.

Also, Flash eats a hamburger both as part of his intro and during combat. Has to be Wally West, right?

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Did someone say BIZARRO?!