Welcome to 2011. Where not only are video game franchises annualised, but expensive, real cars bearing their branding are as well.

The Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler, which was released last year in honour of Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be re-released this year, only now with Modern Warfare 3 branding all over it instead.


You'll note that the major changes made to this year's model over last year's are about as important as those made between Call of Duty games; as in, not many.

This includes a bumper redesign in the front that spaces the fog lights further apart, an update hood with several functional mesh relieves, new wheels, and a rear bumper that can be filled with water for "a variety of uses".

No word on price (or which wheels you get for pre-ordering with which car dealer), but for reference last year's model cost a hair over $30,000.


First Look: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Jeep [sidequesting]

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