Another Popular Twitch Streamer, King Gothalion, Moves To Mixer

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You can now add another popular Twitch streamer to the growling list of streamers making the switch to competing service Mixer. This time it’s Cory “King Gothalion” Michael making the move to stream on the Microsoft-owned Mixer.


Over on Twitch, Michael has over one million followers. But he announced today on Twitter that he is moving to Mixer. Currently, his new Mixer account has already racked up nearly 11,000 followers only a few hours after announcing the news.

In a video announcing the move, Michael explained that he believes working closer with Xbox and Microsoft would allow him to help more streamers, raise more money for charity and throw larger gaming events.

He also mentioned that he will still appear on other streams on other platforms, though his own main channel will be Mixer exclusive. Micahel swapping to Mixer follows two other popular streamers, Ninja and Shroud, who both made the same move.

It seems Mixer is serious about growing its service. But even after arguably the biggest streamer in the world, Ninja, moved to the service back in August, Mixer didn’t see a huge increase in its viewership numbers. It seems it might take more than just a few big names to catch up with Twitch.

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This is cool and all, but until they bring over a dozen+, it won’t make a difference.

Ninja already saw a drastic drop, and these guys will too.

What Twitch has is hundreds of other streamers that people watch, which creates a giant pool of viewers that will click from one streamer to the next. That residual viewership keeps the thousand viewer streamers afloat and making money.

It’s quite a cycle.