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Another MMO's Accounts Have Been Hacked

Illustration for article titled Another MMOs Accounts Have Been Hacked

Developer Trion Worlds has sent emails out to its subscribers warning them that accounts for its MMO Rift - which some people think is a damn fine game - have been compromised by "unauthorized intruders".


While Trion says that "there is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full credit card information was accessed or compromised in any way", it's reset all users passwords anyway. Just in case. Though if they've been stolen they've already been stolen, in which case...


In a nice touch, while Trion does "not anticipate any disruptions to your playing time", just in case there is downtime, all players have been given the "Moneybags' Purse", an item "which increases your looted coin by 10%".

Important notification concerning your Trion Worlds account [Trion Worlds]

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Im still confused, where is all the spite and hate and disdain and pure unadulterated bashing of trio for getting hacked like sony did? Interesting how sony gets hacked and everyone lines up to drop buckets of bile and hate on them but when any other dozens of dozens of companies get hacked and compromised no one says shit.