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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Another Memorably Forgettable Week for the Nintendo Download

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You didn't think we forgot about the Nintendo Download, did you? Well we did, two weeks in a row, but now it's back with a selection of less-than-memorable titles that semi-justify our oversight!

Between the Virtual Console, the eShop, WiiWare, and DSiWare, one would figure that Nintendo could manage at least one truly exciting game a week. On the other hand, with the Wii being replaced next year and the 3DS turning out to be Nintendo's Dreamcast, sometimes I'm surprised they even bother.


Still, you might find a hidden gem lurking in this week's selections. Hell, Puzzle Rocks for DSiWare looks to be full of hidden gems. That's something!

WiiWare (Wii)


Paint Splash
Publisher: KnapNok Games
Price: 500 Wii Points

Paint Splash turns your TV into an interactive canvas where kids of all ages can enjoy painting using the Wii Remote. Up to four people can paint at the same time so the entire family can participate in creating fantastic paintings using just your Wii Remotes. When you're done painting you can save your images onto your SD Card.

eShop (3DS)


Publisher: Nintendo
Price: $2.99

Meet your caddy at the tee.

This new version of the 1990 Game Boy classic brings you 32 holes of realistic golf action with hazards that change every time you play. Each hole has tricky hazards, so strategy is a must. Read the wind direction, check the distance, select a club, adjust your swing and keep your eye on the ball. Then, drive it home. A scorecard will keep track of your points for each hole. From twisting fairways and hungry sandtraps to big water hazards and deceptive greens, Golf is packed with challenges.


DSiWare (3DS and DSi)


Publisher: Agetec
Price: $1.99 / 200 DSi Points

Do you like to drive fast? Challenge authority? Finally, a chance to drive as fast as you can with no regard to the law. Put the pedal to the metal and drive with both confidence and precision as you speed around collecting all the coins on each stage as quickly as possible. Execute evasive moves and collect essential items to help you dodge the police and escape being caught. Watch out for the three strikes and you are out! If, you are caught by the police three times the game is over. It's up to you to perform last minute lane changes, stealthy u-turns and determine the rate of speed. However, keep in mind; once you start going, there is no stopping. DotMan is a non-stop action game that takes you back to the golden years of arcade gaming. Strap yourself into the driver's seat and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.


Puzzle Rocks
Publisher: Cinemax
Price: $4.99 / 500 DSi Points

A novel puzzle game that will thoroughly test your combining and planning abilities. Take your time to find the best strategy, improve your moves, and make as many matches as possible during a single turn to improve your score.


Question one: How to keep your brain active?
Answer: Play Puzzle Rocks! Stop the falling stones!

Question two: Do you have what it takes to get through 36 various levels?
Answer: We will see.


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