Another Mass Effect Novel Enters Earth Orbit This Fall

"MASS EFFECT: DECEPTION will be written by author William C. Dietz and will release in Fall 2011," says publisher Del Ray, continuing the story of the previous three novels, Revelation, Ascension, and Retribution.


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So, instead of using a decent author who actually works for Bioware (Drew Karpyshyn) they are using a horrible author who consistently writes the worst books in other series (see: Halo: The Flood).

I am actually disappointed. No, the Mass Effects books are not mind blowing, but they do add another layer of depth to the game and are quite fun to read. Knowing Dietz though, its going to read something like this: "The bad guys walked over to the Turian and shot him. Then the bad guys said 'HAHAHA your dead now'. Then they left."

What would the motivation to switch authors be?

Oh well, at least I know it can't be as bad as the Metal Gear novel. The mere mention of that novel makes me nauseous.