It all started with Japanese schoolgirls doing Dragon Ball attacks. That spread to people doing Street Fighter and Star Wars moves. And Japanese schoolboys playing fake Quidditch. Where to go from here?

A little after the schoolgirl Dragon Ball meme first blew up this spring, the below photo popped up online in Japan.

It shows a group of schoolgirls appearing to climb up a bunch of school lockers.

Here, have a look for yourself:


The photo is extremely clever—even more so the more you look at it and notice some of the neat little details. Here's a tilted version of the photo, so you can see how the optical illusion was pulled off.

As Japanese site Byoukan Sunday recently pointed out, the photo is starting to make waves outside of Asia, getting picked up by places like Reddit.


While cool, pictures like this might be hard to pull off. So kids, if you are looking for an easy new way to amuse yourself, there's this:

And this.


School sure is fun!

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