Another Cheeky Look At NieR

The Square-Enix-published Cavia-developed action adventure NieR stars main character NieR and his AI-controlled partner Kainé, a character possessed by a demon and who likes to wear skimpy clothes.


Kaine's attitude and manner of speech are manly — but she/he/it emphasizes her female qualities through her racy fashion style. This aspect hasn't been lost on Cavia, it seems as evident by the most recent screenshots the company has released.

Shame more time and energy wasn't spent on other aspects of the game.

『NieR Replicant(ニーア レプリカント)』/『NieR Gestalt(ニーア ゲシュタルト)』対をなすふたつの『NieR』 - ファミ通.com [Famitsu]

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