Another Alleged PSN Attacker Arrested In The UK

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Just two weeks after the first arrest related to the cyberattacks that bought down PSN and Xbox Live this past Christmas, authorities in the UK have arrested a teenager allegedly connected to the Lizard Squad group that claimed responsibility.


The suspect was arrested in the town of Southport by members of the UK's South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU), who had been co-operating with the FBI to investigate the recent DDOS attacks. Death threats, hacking and swatting pranks were among the crimes that the unnamed man is being investigated for.


This is the second recent arrest of someone allegedly connected to Lizard Squad, who've said that they have been the ones responsible for bringing down online networks for big games like Call of Duty and Destiny with brute-force DDOS attacks. Statements made by SEROCU cyber crime head Craig Jones said that a joint investigation is ongoing.

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