Illustration for article titled Anita Sarkeesians First Tropes vs. Women in Games Video May Come Out Next Month, But Her Tumblrs Live Now

Anita Sarkeesian, the controversial feminist critic whose plans to produce a crowdfunded video series about female tropes in video games led to someone creating a video game all about punching her in the face, is almost ready to show her work.


Sarkeesian quietly launched a Tumblr called "Bits of Tropes Vs. Women in Games" this week. It shows images from one of the tropes she's certain to explore in the series: the damsel in distress.

The site's "about" page states that the image collection is "a work in progress and not meant as a complete comprehensive list but hopefully it can help to demonstrate the scope and history of this problematic trope. Plus, you might just find some interesting bits of classic video game nostalgia here."

Sarkeesian tells Kotaku that she's aiming to launch the project's first video very soon.

"The new Tropes vs Women videos are currently in production and we are shooting for the first video to be released in February," she said in an e-mail. "Due to all the unexpected extra Kickstarter funding we were able to greatly expand the scope, scale and production values of the project which is exciting but also means we've had to rework our timetable."


Sarkeesian's "Tropes Vs. Women in Games" Kickstarter was funded with more than $150,000 last spring. She had initially planned to release videos in 2012. The absence of those videos has fueled some doubts about the project. But if Sarkeesian's new timeline sticks, we won't have to wait long to see how this much-anticipated video series turns out.

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