Animator Inspired By Daigo Vs. Justin Wong Street Fighter Match

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Screenshot: Alain Vu/Instagram

One of the most famous moments in esports history is the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike semifinal match from 2004. With only a pixel of health left, Daigo Umehara parried a slew of attacks from Justin Wong before mounting an incredible comeback.

The fight will never cease to be remarkable.

Professional animator Alain Vu, who worked on Klaus, did a short take on the iconic comeback during his free time.


I love the retro art, the animation, and the style. If you are interested in seeing his process, here is Vu’s earlier passes at the sequence.

For more, follow Vu on Instagram and check out his Tumblr.

All Instagram posts used with permission.

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I never have been able to get into fighting games or the FGC but god damn does that clip always do it for me. It’s pure distilled hype. Must have been fun being in the room for it happening.