Animated Zombie Short Really Makes Me Wish Left 4 Dead 3 Existed

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Look, as one Evan to another: when you wake up with blood on your body, always take the gun…


There's no co-operative team dynamics here and it's not even related to a video game (as far I can tell) but Isolated manages to tickle many of the same places in my head that enjoyed the Left 4 Dead series. The slightly elongated body types, great animation and funny-yet-dark tone all make it a piece of zombie-centric entertainment that's a disembodied head and shoulders about lots of other stuff out there. Here's hoping there's more to come from these filmmakers.



I played the crap out of the first left 4 dead and it was really fun but it after awhile I felt the "feel" of it wore off and it turned into sort of a minigame. I feel there was too much ammo to ever feel any sort of "panic" from the survivors, it came down to just 4 players sitting around a corner waiting to each pounce/grab/jump on a separate player. It's hard to feel vulnerable when you have an assault rifle with hundreds of rounds and can pretty much rambo through the level.

I bought the second one hoping it would breath some life into something that I felt was quickly becoming stale only to play it for a week before my friends got bored and moved on to different games.