Cute and colorful free-to-play social RPG Animal Legends from Appy Entertainment was released on iOS this week. It features a raccoon that stabs giant pink rabbits. There's a rhino warrior and an owl wizard as well, but let's focus on what's important here—raccoon rogue.


Raccoons are, hands down, my favorite animal. They are fluffy. They wear masks. They can be total dicks, but they only steal your things because they love them, and that's the sincerest form of flattery. They soak their paws in water to enhance the sensitivity of the pads, using their sense of touch to help figure out the edible bits of the horrible things they eat.

They are pretty much just like me, only shorter.

Animal Legends let's players build bases, placing buildings and gathering resources to aid in 50 quests spread across seven areas. It's got an animated active turn-based combat system that pits players again giant pink bunnies. It's hundreds of pieces of gear allow for plenty of customization. It even let's players recruit Facebook and Game Center friends into their party.

Illustration for article titled emAnimal Legends/em Lets Me Control a Rogue Raccoon. Thats All I Ever Wanted.

That's great. Raccoon.

Animal Legends - Free [iTunes]

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