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So, GameCube classic Pikmin is beign re-released on the Wii. For older, pre-Wii Nintendo fans who probably already played it, it'll be a tough sell. So Nintendo figure Pikmin-themed DLC for Animal Crossing might help.


Provided your Wii is connected to the internet, and provided you've enabled outside communication from within the game, from now until February 12 you'd best keep an eye on your mailbox, because until that date the Postman will be delivering little Pikmin hats to all and sundry.

Oh, and no, you won't have to pay for it. This one's on the house. Nintendo's house.


One thing to bear in mind: this news come courtesy of Nintendo Australia, so there's no guarantee it's a global deal, nor that those dates will be the same if/when it's offered in other regions. We'll of course update when he hear more.

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