Animal Crossing: New Horizons Design App Is Basically A Cute-Ass Photoshop

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ level of customization extends beyond just your character, home, and island. Using your handy Nook Phone, you can use the Custom Designs app to make original patterns and designs that can be applied to clothes, floors, wallpapers, and your very own island flag.

I took it upon myself to show off what that app looks like by taking the Kotaku logo, throwing it into Photoshop inside of a square template, and reducing the dimensions and resolution to match the Custom Designs App to its 32 by 32 grid. Those are the dimensions for the “Pro” version of the app that lets you make slightly more detailed designs— but not by much.


In Photoshop I then took the pixelated version of the logo and put a new layer on top, lowered the opacity and painted in each square with the respective yellow and white colors to get as close as I could using the basic grid I had to work with. Then I just copied it exactly using the grid on my Nook Phone and saved out my new design using the in-game app.


The Custom Designs app offers a pretty robust toolset like pencils, fill tools to paint entire sections, and even stamps that let you do a surprising amount of whatever your artistic hearts desire. Take a look at the video up top to see a quick peek at how the design app in Animal Crossing works to hopefully inspire some ideas before you get going!

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In every single Animal Crossing game since the GCN version, I’ve always used the Blue Rogues flag from Skies of Arcadia as my town flag. And I shall do it again.