Animal Crossing is coming to phones, with Nintendo tonight announcing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. [Update: We’ve played it, here are some impressions].

As the name might suggest, instead of taking place in a town, Pocket Camp puts you in a campground, where you run around doing chores for animals so you can build furniture and improve your stuff. And now you live in a camper van.

There’s a veneer of Animal Crossing to the whole thing, only now it’s obviously optimised for a more mobile experience, so expect cooldown timers and the opportunity to unlock stuff with “Leaf Tickets” (a currency which ‘can be earned through regular gameplay or purchased using real-world money’).


The game has multiplayer, with friends able to come and visit your camp, and while there you can sell/trade items with them.

It’ll be a free download on both iOS and Android when it’s out in November. You can pre-register for the Android version here, while the official website is here.