As expected, last week's Rovio tease has coalesced into the prequel-chronicling Angry Birds Star Wars II, complete with a damn Jar Jar bird. Significantly less expected is the integration of Hasbro's Telepods technology, beaming in powerful characters via physical toys, Skylanders style.


Rovio has gotten into the habit of launching each new Angry Birds game with a host of marketing tie-ins backing it up, so the idea of a fresh toy line powered by Hasbro's Telepods technology seems like a good fit. According to the official press release, players will be able to choose which characters and super powers they bring into battle by placing special action figures on a portal connected to their mobile device. More than 30 figures will be available at launch.

Fans will get to try out the tech at San Diego Comic-Con later this week.

Angry Birds Star Wars II will launch on September 19 across app stores worldwide.

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