Angry Birds Makes For The Least Exciting LEGO Sets Ever

Which is stronger, my unrelenting excitement over new LEGO products, or my apathy towards the upcoming Angry Birds movie? After putting together the cheapest set released on Friday, apathy is triumphant.

The Angry Birds Movie hits theaters on May 20, several years after Angry Birds had the sort of popularity that would support such a thing. Between its amazing voice cast and the fact that parents will bring kids to any animated film that keeps them quiet for a couple hours I’m sure the movie will do just fine. A few years ago it would have done much better than that.


In advance of the movie LEGO has released a handful of sets on store shelves this week, depicting the battle between birds and pigs in brick form.

I picked up the $12.99 Piggy Car Escape at Toys’R’Us yesterday, and it is indeed a set of pieces that form a thing. Highlights include several egg-shaped bits, and that’s about it.

The apathy is contagious. Just look at these minifigures. Well, you can’t really call them minifigures. They’re just shaped plastic, like any number of Angry Birds toys we’ve seen over the past several years.


Sets range for the $12.99 I wasted on up to $89.99 for the King Pig’s Castle set.


I put together my car thing, took a few shots and now I’ll probably disassemble it and add the bits to my parts drawer. I might “lose” Yellow Bird and the Pig.


Don’t look at me like that. You brought this on yourself, Yellow Bird.

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