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We may earn a commission from links on this page

And Yet It Moves Makes Sense On Wii

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There I am playing Wii games, the games I'm writing about all day today, and a Nintendo rep asks me if I want to play a WiiWare game. Sure, I love the weird stuff.

WiiWare, folks, is all about the weird stuff. Games about giving vegetables haircuts. Games about throwing pairs of people onto cubes. Games about lines that race other lines.

On a Monday in August we will get the somewhat less weird Wii version of And Yet It Moves. The 2D platformer is already available for purchase on PC ($10).


It's got a trailer too:

But let me describe the Wii version for you a little. You want to run the man to a goal. (Hold the Wii Remote a its short ends and use the d-pad) You can make him jump. (Use the 2 button). This is key: You can freeze the world and rotate it (Hold down the 1 button and tilt the Wii Remote).


Let's just say you were walking to a wall. Not in the game. In real life. Imagine jogging toward that wall, actually, and leaping at it. Then imagine the world pausing and rotating under your feet so that the wall was now below you, the former floor now a wall behind you. Unpause. You land on the new floor, the former wall toward which you leaped. But what if there had been a boulder leaning on the former floor behind you.... when the world rotated it would now be above you, falling toward your head. Maybe the world should be rotated again?

That, as far as I could tell, is the essence of And Yet It Moves. I'd missed it on PC. I like how it controls on the Wii. Look for it as a WiiWare download in August.


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