And Then I Punched Deathwing Right In The Face

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In the Cataclysm-scarred desolation of World of Warcraft's Badlands, three old adventures tell spectacular tall tales about the day Deathwing came. Check out one of the finest examples of traditional storytelling I've seen in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


If you're a current World of Warcraft player, don't look at the videos below. Just go to the Barrens Badlands, find the giant crater (it's rather noticeable), and look for Theldurin, Lucien, and Martek. Each of the three ancient adventurers have their own opinion of what went down on Cataclysm day, and it's much more fun to play them than watch them.

First Theldurin makes with the punching. I didn't figure out I could punch through barriers until the end of the clip, so a little skipping ahead might be in order.

The Lucien applies a little Gnomish ingenuity to the problem.

And finally Martek does it the Orcish way: With hot girls and fast motorcycles.

Well done, Blizzard.

Update: Please leave the poor folks of the Barrens alone. Do not taunt them. Instead, go to the Badlands, which also starts with a B and has two syllables, so I cannot be blamed.

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Morgan King

Man, that sure is an ugly looking game.