And Then Every Light Switch In My Home Was Replaced with an Arcade Joystick

New at that repository of all things awesome that is ThinkGeek, the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate transforms your boring light switches into amazing arcade-style joysticks that I would be happy to catch between my shoulder blades on a regular basis.


Things poking out of your wall is generally not a good idea, unless those things are awesome. This thing is awesome. It's an arcade joystick with lights and sounds. The joystick controls the lights, the arcade panel acts as a night light for young children (I am justified!), and the sound-producing buttons provide the flavor.

I must have this. All of them. Forever. They are $29.99 at ThinkGeek. Buy them for me.

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I was interested in getting one for the kid until I saw the night light uses batteries. I'd prefer a hard wired version of some sort. I'd rather have to install it and not worry about it running out of juice. We go through way too many batteries already.