And Then DJ Jazzy Jeff Had A Super Mario Bros. Remix Battle

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During yesterday's Fourth of July Jam in Philadelphia, DJ Jazzy Jeff (sans Fresh Prince) and Jeremy Ellis got into a Super Mario Bros. remix battle, accompanied by The Roots. This is a thing that happened.


Philly's Action News 6 (via Nintendo Life) posted footage of the epic DJ battle, which DJ Jazzy Jeff won solely based on the fact that he's DJ Jazzy Jeff and I had to Google Jeremy Ellis. He seems like a lovely man, but he knew who he was up against.

Update: the ABC video is not embedding right. Here's another version from YouTube, courtesy of reader Orionsangel.

You know when you're at a concert for a band you aren't too familiar with and that one song you know comes on? This would have been so much that for me.



I don't really expect anybody to know who Jeremy Ellis is, since he's not exactly a household name, but he is pretty much one of the best, if not the best, technical MPC/Maschine users out there. And for everybody who says he's "just pressing buttons," that's like telling a professional drummer he's "just hitting stuff." Hip-hop producers have been using MPC-style samplers to make beats for decades now, and Jeremy Ellis is currently "the man" when it comes to raw technical skill on the pads. The video is of him just messing around with an Ableton Push at NAMM a couple years ago.

These beats? Yeah, they came out of an MPC. This is an artform, people, not just "hitting buttons."