And the Winner of Our DSi Is...

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So that was a fun contest.

More than 900 people entered and almost all of them had the right answers, but only one of them was able to win our imported DSi.


Who was the lucky reader? Hit the jump to find out:

Congratulations, and probably more than a few dark thoughts from readers, go out to Reginald Mark Emil Wood. Just think, one last name in there and he could have been a serial killer!


I've emailed Reginald to let him know he won. If I don't receive a reply to that email from him in the next week I'll randomly draw another reader. (I use Random.Org for that by the way.)

So what should we do for December do you think? It is the season of giving and all of that. I'm going to have to sit back and think of something special this time around.

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Fonster Mox

some people wanted the answers, this is from my sent box, I *think* they were all right :P

1. "bullshit" and "insulting" []

2. "that's all I can take" []

3. Ryan Seabury []

4. Brian Crecente []

5. The Rage of Bonan []

6. Frostmorne []

7. Chun-Li []

8. Brian Ashcraft []

9. Death Proof []

10. Yaron Brook []