And the real height difference between Samus and Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. Wii U? Masahiro Sakurai's here to show us, to make things clear.


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And now for FUN WITH TROPES! (We dive into the abyss of TVTropes that consumed many a soul so you don't have to!)

Samus/Little Mac pairings (romantic or otherwise) definitely fit into the Tiny Guy, Huge Girl trope.

Samus' height was made canon in an issue with Nintendo Power that provided stats on her around the time Super Metroid came out for the SNES.

Given that she's an inter-galactic bounty hunter who fights alien space pirates for a career, standing a full 6' 3" (and that's height OUTSIDE the Power Suit) makes sense. She's even been shown in games as being taller than other people as seen here when delivering the baby Metroid in Super Metroid.

However, in Other M which was developed by Team Ninja, Samus height was retconned to 5' 5" which is TINY by comparison. This was but one reason why many a Metroid fan called BS on OM:

And clearly, with the new Smash Bros., they are making it quite clear that Samus is a tall woman.

For Little Mac, depending on whether you go by the NES stats (4' 8") or the Wii stats (5' 7" which is more likely the now-canon height for him), that makes Samus a full 8" taller than Little Mac. (6' 3" - 5' 7" = 8") And looking at the above picture of Samus comparing their heights, that looks to be about 8" difference there (granted Mac isn't standing straight up, but even so, this picture today helps clarify the height difference).


Outside of proving that Other M is now considered not-canon to Metroid fans (a matter of rejoice), there's just something appealing about having a tall girl paired with a short guy.

If there wasn't, there wouldn't be so much dang fan art! The announcement he'd be in Smash has only existed for ONE WEEK!!!! Plus, given that this announcement was made on Valentine's Day doesn't help either (or for others, DOES help).

But wait a minute, you might be asking, Little Mac pretty much destroyed her kidneys in his reveal! How could anyone possibly ship those two together?!

Well, that's because of one other trope for which Samus is the Trope Namer. Let's not forget...

...Samus Is A Girl.

Everyone who played Metroid in the past when it was brand new easily made the assumption that Samus was male. It wasn't until the end of the game when you finished it in record time was it revealed that Samus was a woman and that the player had been controlling a female character the entire time.


So being this is Little Mac's introduction to Brawl and first time in the Smash Ring, it's easy to assume that given the introduction, how's Mac supposed to know Samus was a woman? (Or human for that matter. Given the other Smash competitors, she might be a full-on robot for all he knows. They already have one (Mega Man) joining in already!)

Plus, given that Samus is a 4-time Smash veteran, intergalactic bounty-hunter, and a towering 6' 3", I'd think a punch like that would be nothing compared to her past exploits (especially her encounters with Ridley). Even so, people imagine the exchange to go like this:

What's your favorite Valentine?!

Mine's Chocolate!!