Do you idolize the grandest Moff of them all, or are you more of a fan of Zam Wessel, the shape shifting assassin from episode 2? Either way, the Imperial Agent class is for you.

The Imperial Agent is all about high-tech gear, subterfuge, and subversion. They are the assassins of the Star Wars universe, prowling the seedy underbelly of the Empire as they go about their dirty deeds. They're probably the closest thing to a rogue you're likely to find in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Looking at the screens posted over at IncGamers, the Imperial Agent reminds me of the Agent class in Anarchy Online, which also specialize in sniper rifles and have a flair for concealing their identities. Slap a balaclava on that guy's head and the resemblance is uncanny.

The class was revealed during a European press tour earlier this week. Expect more information to show up on the SWTOR website with next Friday's update.

The Imperial Agent Revealed! [Star Wars: The Old Republic Forums]

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